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Well that escalated quickly!

Covid-19 just sent us all to our bedrooms to think about what we’ve done to this planet. Actually, Auntie Jacinda made that call, to keep us all safe. We’re happy she did.

We were part way through the filming of Episode 03, which now has a slightly different ending than originally planned.

With plans being delayed, we made the decision to open our gate to travellers in need, offering those with homes on wheels a rent-free safe haven for the one month lock down. And thus… The Hawea Grove Lock Down Project begins.

Step 1 – Preparation

We had 48 hours to get our ducks in a row, split the recently felled trees, purchase some new tools, order further necessities (gas hot water camping shower, a fire place for the yurt, a slack line, replacement mountain bike parts) and line up a digger.

Wait, what…

A digger?

Step 2 – Entertainment Planning

It was immediately decided that we needed a project. An entertaining one. A project that would have value. Keep us fit, working together and being constructive.

With quite a few mountain bikers among us, a pump track was the obvious answer. Totally obvious!

Thank god we rented that digger.

Step 3 – The Four Week Working Bee

During our sustainable building project we had hoped to run a few working bees at certain points. One day working bees. Not four weeks.

What a bonus! A crew of happy-to-help travellers, keen to get amongst it, frothing for a project to get their teeth in to.

The pump track hopes and dreams become a reality!


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