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The Hawea Grove is a journey in sustainable growing, building and living. It began with the simple goal of being able to plant trees and our own property. Fruit and nut trees specifically, but that’s gone to the next level already.

The whole project will be professionally documented through video production and editorial, chronicling the complete process from a rookie’s perspective, i.e. me, Keith.

The objective is to showcase the twists and turns of creating and managing a sustainable, eco-focused building project, and to promote the products and practices of the partnering suppliers.

The video production will be delivered in a webisode series format across the social media world, professionally filmed and produced. The editorial will be published in blog format, right here on

The location is a beautiful acre of land, found in Lake Hāwea, Central Otago.

Lake Hawea with rainbow

The beautiful Lake Hāwea

It has been split off from a producing truffle orchard (or truffière as it’s supposed to be called, so I found out recently) and has 30 young sapling truffle trees on the property. My goal is to create a tasteful, sustainable living and visitor sanctuary, among a grove of established fruit and nut trees.

Keith Stubbs

The dwelling itself will be designed and built with environmentally-focused practices and products – more on that to come!

The whole project, from inception to completion, will be managed by myself, a complete novice in the field of building and growing.

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